Complete Solution

Our expert teams can provide you with complete solutions for your business. From analyzing and optimizing your business processes, project management, gathering requirements to development and deployment of customized applications followed by supportand maintenance. Specializing in business application development, support and maintenance, we also provide first class services in the area of database administration and installation for Oracle and MS SQL databases, Citrix installation administration and support as well as virtualizaton. Beside our experts, you also have access to our wast array of hosting computer systems which you can utilize as a scalable addition to your own systems or just as a remote location backup.


Application Development - Scalable and On Demand

Our World class Magic and eDeveloper experts will help you build or enhance your applications.All of our senior developers have more than seven years of working experiences with Magic and extensive knowledge of the underlying databases.There is one huge longterm benefit for your company when working with us. We provide you best development services when you need them and we are always there for you.In the initial familiarization period we learn about your businesses, applications and the way you work. Thereafter you can take ITINITI Business Solutions as an extension of your own IT department. With the benefit of employing us only when you need additional resources. And since we are already familiar with your system, that gives you unprecedented scalability, effectiveness and cost savings, all at the same time.


Support Maintenance and Business Continuity

You can count on us being there for you 24h a day, over weekends and holidays.If you just want to make support and maintenance more efficient or you want to extend support hours, we are here for you.
With immediate response times and phone access to key persons 24h a day, you will never have to worry again.
Our support comes with optional, free of charge, incident and bug reporting framework which enables you to track down incidents in real time.In our Data center we can set up a virtual copy of your environment, which can then be used by your staff for testing, training or even development. Access is provided over the Internet to our Citrix Metaframe farm, which is useful for training as it allows session shadowing.
As a part of support or just as a separate service, you can also have access to our Data center storage facilities for your daily remote backups.


Migration and Optimization

Moving from Isam databases to SQL can be time consuming and full of unexpected problems.
We've completed a large number of database migrations, ranging from migrations of applications written for MS SQL to Oracle - and vice versa, from Btrieve to different SQL databases to migration of Magic5/C-Isam application to eDeveloper9.4/MS SQL one. And we can safely say that we know all the problems that come with it.
It makes sense to let us do this for you, saving you time and resources. Let your stuff focus on business requirements rather than tedious migration work. Our extensive experience in this area guarantees that migration will be done in time and on budget.
Optimizing application and it's environment requires experts familiar not only with Magic/eDeveloper but especially with the underlying databases and operating systems and the way Magic/eDeveloper interacts with them.
Our expert Optimization team combines experts that cover all those areas.Beside optimizing/rewriting problematic parts of application, our experts can check and optimize Magic/eDeveloper setup, ini files, connections to databases and database configurations itself.


Oracle, MS SQL and MySQL Database Administration

Database installation and setup is a key component of an efficient system.
In our DBA team are experts for installation, setup and administration of Oracle,MS SQL and MySQL databases.
Further we can take over all aspects of database administration which includes Disaster Recovery (Backups and testing for backups), Integrity (verify of data integrity), Security (Defining / Implementing access controls to the data), Availability (Ensuring maximum uptime), Performance analysis and tuning (ensuring maximum performance) and last but not least our strongest skill: Development and testing - working together with programmers and engineers to efficiently utilize the database.